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Find the best Pega online training in Hyderabad and Bangalore with 100% Job Placement Guarantee real time project and scenario based interview questions. Learn the CSA Online Training and Certification program along with certification assistance, Experienced Instructors, Organized course curriculum and 24×7 support. You can fill the contact form to get more details from our senior adviser. Our Fee ranges from Rs. 12,000 to Rs. 18,000/- (around $250 to $350).

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Pega Training Course Objectives:

  • Supplying guide lines for CSA, CSSA and CPBA
  • Working on web application with Pega application.
  • Enlighten the BPM concepts and work flows
  • Supplying good knowledge in Pega 7 concepts
  • Supplying instructions for implementation of it’s concepts
  • Supplying detailed instructions to implement the Pega application
  • Discussion of UI Design ,and Business logic

Who can take up this course?

  • Fresh Graduates : Are you a fresher who passed out of graduation then you are better suitable for Pega.
  • IT programmers : No happy with current job and looking to start something fresh and new in IT? then it is for you where you can find better career job opportunities with pega training
  • Managers: Are you a Senior Manager or Project Manager in IT company, then Pega is must to look at, Managers can provide better estimates for Project.
  • Business Analyst: Gathering the requirement and Manage the requirement in Pega DCO, it is adequate for you so try to learn pega training.

What are the Job Opportunities in Software Companies?

Pega is a emerging BPM Tool in IT market. Now day it is going in all domains like Insurance, Banking, telecom and Health care to implement the BPM solution in very less time span. Better job options/Compensation for the BPM developers in all MNCs our course will helps you with Job Placement Assistance.

Pega Certification Training in Hyderabad [2018]

Pega BPM is a great opportunity to enter into Business Process Management job with our institute in ameerpet, Hyderabad because our course is designed for those who are looking for Hands on Learning experience along with 2 project works. Come and join in our 100% practical and job oriented online training in hyderabad, India and get free valuable material that have scenario based Pega interview questions along with answers. Contact us to know information regarding this course and upcoming batch information.

Our course gives your real time job environment exposure and makes you job ready. Every class is a practical session and trainer gives your assignment that will make you expertise in Pega BPM technology. Utilize this opportunity and gain knowledge and get Hands on training with our institute. Please fill our contact form, To attend free live interactive session today. Once you fill the contact form we will send you information on pricing, training delivery methods, certification information and material supply details and schedules.

Pega online training in India is a tutorial point to get the wonderful training solutions for trainees in affordable cost with flexible payment options and free material supply. Most of our students are working professionals placed in well known IT firms, non IT people and who are interested to get job on this BPM Technology. Our goal is to provide a job oriented professional online training in order to ensure them to become Pega Certified System Architect.

Get the best Pega Online Training in India with a real-time projects, certification material, methodical and well-planned course components with systematic curriculum. Every session is going to be challenging with hands on practical approach, you can interact with trainer, practice unlimited examples to master pega bpm in less time.

Course Content

Introduction of PEGA

  • What is PEGA
  • Why Choose PEGA
  • Introduction to BPM
  • Introduction to PRPC
  • Smart BPM
  • Build for change
  • Application Documents
  • DCO
  • Application express
  • PRPC frameworks

Class Structure Designing and Class group

  • Classes in pega
  • Inheritance
  • Enterprise Class Structure(ECS)
  • Class Group

Data Modelling

  • Define PRPC classes
  • Data branch
  • Property Types and Modes – Single and page properties

Process Flow – Flow & Flow Actions, SLA

  • Different flow shapes and their purpose in pega certification
  • Usage
  • Creation
  • Flow Actions
  • SLA – Creation, Usage

Organization and Ruleset hierarchy, Rule set Versions and Access groups

  • organization structure in pega BPM
  • Operator ID
  • Access Group
  • Application
  • Ruleset
  • Ruleset version ( Major-Minor-Patch)
  • Locking and creating new Ruleset version
  • Rule availabilities

User Interface

  • Harness
  • Properties display and validation
  • Section
  • Layouts in pega training
  • Branding Style
  • Controls
  • Screen layouts
  • Skin
  • Dynamic container
  • Flow action
  • Navigations

Decision Rules in pega

  • Decision Tree
  • Decision Table
  • when
  • Map value

Declarative Rules

  • Expression
  • Constraints
  • On changes
  • Triggers
  • Index
  • RDE
  • Forward Chaining
  • Backward chaining

Case Management in pega certification

  • Work flow
  • Units of work
  • Work status
  • Locking
  • Design correspondence
  • Send correspondence

PRPC Database Concepts

  • Role of Rules DB
  • Link between rules and DB
  • Basic tables
  • Exposing column properties


  • Definition
  • Configuration
  • Steps
  • Parameters
  • Security
  • Common methods

Integration with external systems in pega online training

  • SOA
  • HTTP
  • SOAP
  • WSDL
  • Connectors & Services
  • Listeners in pega
  • Connect SQL

Rule Management & Security

  • Rule
  • Ruleset
  • Ruleset version
  • Rule resolution algorithm
  • Operator ID
  • Access group
  • Access role
  • Privilege
  • SMA,System settings and Dynamic system settings
  • Rule Resolution process
  • Agents and Tracing agent in SMA

Performance, PRPC Guardrails in pega

  • Clipboard
  • Alerts
  • Pre-flight
  • PAL
  • DB trace
  • Tracer
  • SMA
  • 10 guardrails
  • Iterative approach
  • Class structure
  • Build for change
  • Design intent driven process
  • Security and object

Portal Design

  • Configuring UI rules in Portal in pega BPM



  • List view
  • Summary View
  • Report definition

Debugging tools available in pega

  • Clipboard
  • Tracer
  • UI Inspector
  • Log file

Code Deployment process

  • Product Creation
  • Product patch
  • Package
  • Skimming
  • Import/export the product


  • Connectors
  • Services


  • Customization of login page
  • Internal Authentication ,External Authentication
  • LDAP configuration


Pega 7.2 CSA Course Syllabus and course details

Application Design

  • System Architect responsibilities
  • Pega application development guardrails
  • Classes and class structure
  • Circumstancing rules

Case Design

  • Case steps and stages
  • Cases and sub cases
  • Routing
  • Service levels
  • Activities
  • Correspondence
  • Work status
  • Work parties

Data Model in pega training

  • Properties and data types
  • Data transforms

Declarative processing

  • Declare expressions
  • Forward and backward chaining
  • Reference data
  • Data pages

Decision Design

  • When rules
  • Decision tables
  • Decision trees

User Interface (UI) Design

  • Basic UI rules and their uses
  • Section
  • Paragraph
  • Dynamic UIs
  • Responsive UIs
  • UI Controls

Report Design in pega

  • Report types in Pega 7
  • Creating reports
  • Filters
  • Optimization
  • Integration
  • Connectors
  • Services
  • Testing

Methods to debug Pega applications of pega

  • Tracer
  • Live UI
  • Clipboard

Course Details:

  • Duration : 30-35 hours
  • Session Timings: As per both convenience
  • Payment Options: Online

About Trainer:

pega online training

Our trainers are well organized and executable Pega online training course curriculum. They are working professionals in top MNC & Fortune 500 software companies like Accenture, Cognizant, Deloitte, IBM, Bank of America, Cap Gemini, TCS, etc., So they will teach you with real time working environment exposure and scenarios they observe at work and with client interactions.

Pega Online Training India

Learn how to handle the clients and multiple projects on PEGA Business Process Management tool. So, it’s going to fun with knowledge gain programme in your career. As we discussed above, our trainers are working professionals so, our online training scheduled as per their convenience like in the morning and evening sessions. Find the best pega online training India institute with real time course and interview questions with answers.


Shruti Bhadani
Senior Consultant - Accenture
I was searching for the professional pega online training institute who can assist me in business process management learning, luckily i found this institute.
Sunil Patel
Lead Architect - IBM
I give 5 star rating to this awesome Business Process Management tool program and professional approach to finish the extensive curriculum.
Deepti Shukla
Project Lead - TCS
I got Pega Online Training From this institute i liked their support, they are very responsive like 24x7 they gave us good response whenever i need any their assistance.
Shyam Reddy
Senior Consultant - UHG
Extensive and detailed online training on Pega BPM Online Training from the faculty. I completely enjoyed and learnt a lot in this course period.

Pega Interview Questions

Q. What is the difference between Page-Validate and Property-Validate methods?
Page-Validate method is used to validate all the properties present on a page. If a page has embedded pages, this method works recursively to validate all the properties. This method consumes lot of system resources and takes more time. If you want to validate specific properties use Obj-Validate method with Rule-Obj-Validate rule.
Property-Validate method is used to impose restrictions on a property value. Use Edit validate rule along with Property-Validate method to impose restrictions. You can validate multiple properties using Property-Validate method.

Q. What is difference between Edit validate and Edit Input rules?
Edit Validate:
 Use edit validate rule to validate the property value using java code. Edit validate rules can be used property-validate, Rule-Obj-Validate and Property rules.
Edit Input: Edit input rules converts user entered data into required format. For example is the user enters date MM/DD/YYYY format, edit input rule coverts this date into DD-MMM-YYYY (required format). Again we need to write java code for this transformation.

Q. Where assignments will be stored in pega rules database?
Work List related  assignments are stored in pc_assign_worklist.
Work basket related assignments are stored in pc_assign_workbasket.

Q. Where work objects will be stored?
Work Objects are stored in pc_work table by default. however if you want to store the work objects in a user created table, follow the below mentioned steps.
Create a schema similar to pc_work table. (The best thing is to copy the pc_work schema and modify the table name and constraints name if any)
Change the class group mapping (Data-Admin-DB-Table) to the newly created table.

More Pega interview questions

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