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Course Content

  1. Introduction to PRPC
  2. Introduction to User Portals
  3. Introduction to Fields and Data Elements
  4. Introduction to UI and Form Design
  5. Introduction to Process Definition
  6. Working with ClassGroup/WorkPool
  7. Class Structure and RuleSets
  8. Creating a Data Model
    Create a Property Using the New Rule Dialog
    b.    Change the Appearance of a property
    c.    Create properties Using the Define property Wizard
    d.    Create Embedded properties
    e.    Create a Data Table
    f.    Set Initial Values a Model Rule
    g.    Check-in/Check-out Functionality
  9. Process Definition
    Create a  Sub-flow
    b.    Create a Tabbed Screen Flow
    c.    Call a Sub-flow from a Starter Flow
  10. Case Management  (New in Pega 7)
    1. Stage based case management
  11. User Interface
    Create a Section
    b.    Create a Section Containing Multiple Layouts
    c.    Adding a Section to a Flow Action
  12. Advanced UI
    Conditionally Display a Layout Using a When Rule
    b.    Conditionally Display Property Fields
    c.    Create a Dynamic Select Control
    d.    Repeat layout( Row/Tree/Grid)
  13. Dynamic Layouts  (New In Pega 7)
  14. Decision Rules
  15. In depth explanation on Activities and its methods.
    1. Obj- Methods
    2. RDB- Methods
    3. Validation Methods
    4. Property- Methods
    5. Page- Methods
    6. Flow- Methods
    7. Commit/Rollback
    8. Exit-Activity & Activity-End
    9. Call & Branch
    10. Other Methods
  • Advanced Concepts
  1. Assigning the work
    1. To Work List
    2. To Work Basket
    3. To Skill Based Work Basket
    4. To Current Operator
  1. Creating Work Group / Work basket
  2. Validation
    Types of validations
    b.    Difference between Rule-Edit-Validation and Rule-Obj-Validation
  3. Declarative Rules
  4. Data Pages  (New in Pega 7)
  5. Advanced Activities
    Create an Activity with a precondition and a Transition
    b.    Create an Activity to Populate a Dynamic Select
    c.    Create an Activity to Write Data Table
  6. SLA( Service Level Agreements)
    1. Define an SLA
    2. Assigning SLA to Assignment
    3. Assigning SLA to Work-Object
    4. Testing SLA
  7. Integration Connectors
  8. Connecting to External Data Base Using Connect-SQL
  9. How to Use Dynamic SQL When Connecting to External DB
  10. How to Send a Correspondence (E-mail)
    1. Manual Correspondence
    2. Automatic Correspondence
  11. Correspondence Fragment
  12. Configuring E-mail (Inbound/Outbound)
  13. Configuring Web Services (SOAP).
  14. Migration/Deployment (Import & Export)
  15. Working with Agents
    1. Advanced Agents
    2. Slandered Agents
  16. Debugging tools
    1. ClipBoard
    2. Tracer
  17. Documenting the Application

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